Oral Presentation Guidelines

General Guidelines
  1. Please make sure the oral presentation video follows the guidelines below
  2. All accepted abstract presentations are required to submit oral presentation video by 10th September 2021.
  3. Please email the video to: nihconference@moh.gov.my
  4. Your video submission will be uploaded into the conference website during the whole time of the conference and will be played for viewing of the attendees during the conference.

Oral Presentation Video Format
  1. The oral presentation video should not exceed 8 minutes in duration.
  2. Please submit the video clip either in MP4 or AVI format.
  3. The final video should not exceed 200 MB in size
  4. The presenter must be visible in the video clip for at least half of its length.
  5. The presentation video should be in English.
  6. The presentation video must cover all important material that was presented on your accepted abstract.
  7. We leave the other parts of the video to the discretion and creativity of the presenter to how best present their work.
  8. The video will be made available for public viewing, proper discretion is advised